CARSMOS project passed the preliminary review of the Open Atom Foundation

on 01 January 2023

CARSMOS project

Donation subject:

Futurewei Technologies, Inc., Xi’an Shenxin Kechuang Information Technology Co., Ltd., Arctic Xiongxin Information Technology (Xi’an) Co., Ltd., Open Motors

Project Description:

Carsmos/Carsmos (meaning Cars’ Mobility Operating System) aims to provide a technologically advanced, standard, and open-source platform to solve the problems of platform closure and fragmentation in smart car research, education, and industrial cooperation. The open source software part adopts the Apache 2.0 license, which is compatible with the Mulan loose license v2 (MulanPSLv2), and the open source hardware part adopts the CERN-OHL-W-2.0 agreement.

Item value:

Provide an open source technology-advanced smart car industry-university-research platform.

Technical Features:

The Yuanao/Carsmos project includes contributions, sponsorship and participation from industry, academia and research: DORA data flow middleware and SDV (software-defined vehicle) business development platform EtymOS autonomous driving large model and data flywheel platform OASIS intelligent driving Scenario description language and simulation test platform · EDIT EV low-speed electric skateboard chassis · PULSAR open electronic and electrical architecture · AutoExpress chip interconnect technology and agile DSA chip design standards.

Project sponsor:

Du Junping, Luo Wenjiang

more details: