Let the Simulation Magic Spin in Your Hands! CARSMOS International Autonomous Driving Algorithm Challenge Entry Q&A

on 13 October 2023

Tonight at 7:00pm, Mr Jia Navy, Software Development Engineer of SYNKROTRON, will be the guest of 『Autonomous Driving Heart』live broadcasting room, bringing you the Q&A of CARSMOS International Autonomous Driving Algorithm Challenge! The programme is not to be missed, so please book the live broadcast by poking the link ↓↓!


How to participate in the competition? 1、Race registration. 2、Download the automatic driving simulation system Oasis.

3、Familiarise yourself with the automatic driving simulation system Oasis, and develop your own algorithm by referring to the document.

4、Refer to the document to submit the algorithm, and wait for the result after successful submission.

5、Competition training video collection.

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Synkrotron is a national high-tech enterprise focused on providing autonomous driving simulation and smart transportation solutions. Based on technologies such as artificial intelligence, software testing, digital twins and big data, the company has been committed to the research and development and exploration of the field of autonomous driving. It has a high-quality R&D team and independently developed the autonomous driving simulation and data closed-loop tool chain SYNKROTRON® Oasis The product series can provide high-precision sensor models, dynamics models and perception-level traffic environment simulation solutions. Customers can carry out large-scale simulation testing and model training of autonomous driving systems on the simulation platform to identify defects in the autonomous driving system in advance. Reduce the cost of real vehicle testing, eliminate safety hazards in scenario implementation, and accelerate the safe implementation of autonomous driving technology in scenarios.

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