Intelligent travel innovation platform
Open source smart travel research/education/
industrialization platform

In order to seize the opportunity of the times and promote the development of the industry, the open source smart travel working group Cars Mobility Operating System (Carsmos) is building an open source basic software and hardware platform for smart driving, dedicated to three goals:

Create industry standards
Aggregate the power of standards, industry, and research, and explore the construction of industry standards and national norms through open source, such as Oasis scene description language and scene library.

Rich industrial ecology
Introduce the funding and participation of enterprises through open source and open research, so that you can perceive the pain points of industrial development in advance. Open source projects themselves can be commercialized, which is also the biggest trend in the software industry.

Cultivate industrial talents
Improve the level of education by introducing open source hardware/software, and learn the latest programming languages, programming frameworks, and system integration in the context of autonomous driving. Introducing open source mentors to train students to make open source contributions and participate in community competitions not only exercises their ability, but also increases their reputation.
Overview of CARSMOS

CARSMOS (meaning Cars Mobility Operating System), as a smart travel project group based on the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, aims to provide a technologically advanced, standard and open source platform to solve problems in smart car research, education and industrial cooperation. Platform closure and fragmentation issues. This program includes contributions, sponsorship and participation from industry, academia and research.

EDIT EV Low Speed Electric Skateboard Chassis

PULSAR Open Electrical and Electronic Architecture

AutoExpress Chip Interconnect Technology and Agile DSA Chip Design Standards

DORA data flow middleware and SDV (software defined vehicle) business development platform

EtymOS self-driving large model and data flywheel platform

OASIS Scene Description Language and Simulation Test Platform
The open source software part adopts Apache 2.0, which is compatible with the Mulan loose license v2 (MulanPSLv2), and the open source hardware part adopts the CERN-OHL-W-2.0 protocol.
We look forward to using these unified platform technologies to serve the basic needs of smart car education and scientific research in college education and scientific research, and also become a platform for dialogue with the industry, so that education and research can closely match the needs of the industry, and accelerate the transfer of research results to the industry landing speed.