Based on open source to establish a full stack intelligent vehicle unified platform
DORA - Dataflow Oriented Robotics Architecture

DORA is an advanced open source autonomous driving and robot middleware framework and data flow computing platform. The DORA project takes software-defined cars and intelligent driving as the target scenarios, integrates a large number of cloud-native architecture concepts and ecological tools, and adopts the safe and reliable Rust language development, supports elastic data flow computing framework, diversified middleware selection Cloud collaborative computing provides another more modern platform choice for the software development of smart cars, and also provides a technical route for upgrading, replacing and surpassing ROS1/ROS2.

Technical value
Provides an autonomous, controllable, open-source, next-generation device-edge-cloud collaborative data flow computing platform that can support innovative autonomous driving and robot applications. The technology is ahead of the ROS architecture. Based on Rust language development, it outperforms C/C++ in terms of development speed, development quality, safety and reliability, and meets the future needs of robots and new energy vehicles.

Business value
Various business forms that meet the needs of robots and autonomous driving, including bicycles, fleets, cloud-edge-device collaboration, etc.

Ecological value
Relying on the world's largest new energy vehicle and robotics market, we will build an open source ecosystem with global influence beyond ROS through the joint production, education and research.