Based on open source to establish a full stack intelligent vehicle unified platform
EDIT-EV Skateboard chassis electric vehicle

EDIT EV open source project is a skateboard chassis design for electric vehicles, in line with the European L7E standard (heavy-duty four-wheeled motor vehicles, dry weight of passengers <400kg, dry weight of loads <550kg, if the electric vehicle does not include battery weight, the maximum net power <15kw ) and China's M1 standard (passenger cars with at least 4 or 3 wheels, the maximum total mass determined by the factory does not exceed 1 ton, and no more than 8 passenger seats except the driver's seat).

Technical value
The separated architecture design can continuously optimize computing and software platforms and optimize component costs.

Business value
Through the open source battery compartment design, fast and low-cost battery replacement services are realized. Support vehicle sales model, Battery-As-A-Service model, Mobility-As-A-Service model.

Ecological value
Build a standard hardware platform through open source, and form a transparent and secure software ecosystem with open source software. Through open source, realize component standards and form a global supply chain.