Based on open source to establish a full stack intelligent vehicle unified platform

AutoExpress: D2D interconnection interface in Chiplet mode for agile development of chip modularization

The AutoExpress project is a D2D interconnection interface in the Chiplet mode for agile development of chip modularization, which satisfies multi-chip short-distance, high-bandwidth and low-latency interconnection, and has a car-level design for the automotive field.

Technical value
Make up for the lack of a unified and efficient Die-to-Die interconnection interface in the current domestic Chiplet chip development mode, and avoid repeated redundant investment in the industry.

Business value
By realizing the standardization of the D2D interface, it is beneficial to promote the development of Chiplet technology, which will bring direct economic benefits to the upstream and downstream enterprises of China's semiconductor industry chain.

Ecological value
By realizing the standardization of D2D interface, chiplet technology will be more widely used in the entire industry chain; new chiplet technology will give birth to new business models, break the traditional SOC design model, and reconstruct the supply chain market.