Based on open source to establish a full stack intelligent vehicle unified platform
Etymos:Data Acquisition + Data Flywheel

EtymOS supports the autonomous driving 2.0 project around data and models, including the construction of standardized data collection EtymosKIT, data set sharing and community collaborative development through the automated data flywheel EtymOS Wheel, to quickly improve the performance of autonomous driving models and create standardized self-driving perception Large model EtymOS.

Technical value
Cloud-native low-code toolchains and open source ODD applications can quickly launch innovative applications, lowering the threshold for development and innovation.

Business value
Pull together the research platform, education platform, and industrial cooperation platform of robotics and autonomous driving, cultivate professional talents, and realize the alignment between research and industry.

Ecological value
Open research introduces the funding and participation of enterprises, promotes the business model of the open source ecosystem, and attracts and injects fresh development and research forces into the industry.