The Open Atom Open Source Foundation and the CARSMOS open source project held a donation signing ceremony

on 11 June 2023

On June 11, at the opening ceremony of the 2023 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit, the Open Atom Open Source Foundation and the CARSMOS open source project held a donation signing ceremony. Sun Wenlong, chairman of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, and Professor Yang Zijiang, the donor representative of the CARSMOS project, signed the agreement. Relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, and relevant leaders of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee jointly authenticated the signatures.

Group photo at the signing ceremony (the second from the right is Yang Zijiang, the founder of Shenxin Science and Technology, the representative of the donor of the CARSMOS project, the chairman of the CARSMOS preparatory working group, and the director and professor of the Turing Interdisciplinary Information Science Research Center of Xi'an Jiaotong University)

Since its establishment three years ago, the Open Atom Open Source Foundation has optimized the breadth and depth of open source services in an all-round way, actively linked developers, open source projects, and open source communities, and tried its best to play the role of “incubator, connector, and multiplier of open source projects” and extensively gathered political Industry-university-research institutes use funds and other resources to realize the coexistence and symbiosis of open source ecology, mutual assistance and mutual benefit, and harmonious development.

Up to now, more than 30 open source projects have passed the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) technical access, covering operating systems, storage, security, middleware, cloud native, supercomputing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, open source hardware, industrial software 12 key areas, such as browser kernel, and font standard, initially realized the synergy and symbiosis of “storage, defense, cloud, computing, core, software, hardware, and terminal”. There are 15 projects that have entered the incubation project stage.

In the future, the foundation will give full play to the role of the organizer and promoter of the open source ecosystem, gather developers, and cultivate open source projects. On the one hand, strengthen the construction of open source infrastructure. With the goal of serving global developers, we will cooperate with leading companies and research institutions to create a neutral, public welfare, and inclusive code hosting platform, which will gather developer resources, empower developers, and empower open source projects. In the future, the foundation will hold more developer activities and conferences, strengthen various developer services, reach and influence developers on a wider scale, and encourage more developers to participate in community contributions.

On the other hand, incubate and cultivate influential open source projects. Accelerate the deployment of open source in key areas, further improve the development system of open source projects, reserve open source projects in key areas such as chips, artificial intelligence, databases, big data, Internet of Things, and industrial software, and accelerate the attraction of more donors and outstanding open source projects to join the foundation. The foundation will organize and coordinate all parties, actively participate in and support the project community and ecological construction, actively promote my country’s excellent open source projects to go out from a global perspective, and jointly build and govern with international open source forces, while realizing commercial value.

All walks of life around the world are sincerely invited to join hands with the Open Atom Open Source Foundation
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project name Donation subject
Vearch Jingdong (Beijing Wodong Tianjun Information Technology Co., Ltd.)
SmartIDE Yingjie Soft Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
UBSICE Beijing Ronghui Xingye Network Technology Co., Ltd.
OpenKona Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
exquisite Tongxin Software Technology Co., Ltd.
QUICKPOOL Beijing Huaheng Shengshi Technology Co., Ltd.
OpenNJet Tongming Cloud (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
PUACleaner China Electronics Standardization Institute, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tongsuo Ant Technology Group Co., Ltd.
open source big brother Jiangsu Runhe Software Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Polygon Tribe Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Enfu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Xiang Jin, Tang Zuolin
HyperBench Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co., Ltd.
MiniBlink Zhuhai Small and Beautiful Technology Co., Ltd.
UBML Inspur General Software Co., Ltd.
RT-Thread Nano hanghai Ruiside Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
ZTDBP Nanjing Hurricane Engine Information Technology Co., Ltd.
openDACS Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Fudan University, Wuhan University of Technology, Xinhuazhang Technology, Jiali Chuang Technology, Anlu Technology and other colleges and enterprises
CARSMOS Futurewei Technologies, Inc.,SYNKROTRON, Arctic Xiongxin Information Technology (Xi’an) Co., Ltd., Open Motors
TKEStack Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Open GoldenLight SPICE Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College, Honghu Wanlian (Jiangsu) Technology Development Co., Ltd.
EasyBaaS China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.