CARSMOS Project New Year Message

on 08 January 2023

Vientiane update of smart travel, the wave of open source is in the ascendant

Looking back at the end of the year, the smart travel industry is in full swing. The mass-produced new energy vehicles and smart driving are increasingly recognized by consumers, but they are also constantly facing doubts and challenges, such as whether smart driving can finally solve long-tail difficult scenarios, and whether the skateboard chassis is real. Market prospects; moreover, all the manufacturers are fighting against each other, and the open source community that gathers the smart travel industry is still lacking and weak.

The CARSMOS open source intelligent travel project was honored to be born in the family of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation in 2022. It aims to use the most advanced Internet technology and open source community model to establish and develop a starting platform for scientific research, education, and industrialization of open source intelligent driving. , including open-source software, open-source hardware, open-source datasets (including measured and simulated synthetic data), and open-source AI models, to unite the strengths of the industry, make a profit, and make progress together.

In the new 2023, the CARSMOS project will continue to absorb and develop advanced technologies, release the overall version that has begun to take shape, improve the charter system, develop the membership scale, hold open source algorithm competitions, support the “school source trip” activities, and promote the implementation of industry-university-research, so that The open source community grows healthily and organically.