CARSMOS Open Atom Global Open Source Competition

on 01 December 2022

Introduction to the competition

The Open Atom Open Source Foundation launched the first “Open Atom Global Open Source Competition”, aiming to unite open source organizations, enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, industry organizations, investment and financing institutions and other resources to build a frontier for the global open source field Technology competition, selection of outstanding talents, display of innovative achievements, business transformation guidance and docking exchange and cooperation platform, widely disseminate open source culture, popularize open source knowledge, promote open source projects, improve open source skills, and provide impetus and support for promoting the prosperity and sustainable development of open source ecology .

Competition goal

The “Open Atoms Global Open Source Competition” expects to achieve the effects of promoting application, teaching, learning, training, and innovation through competition. Participate in the competition by means of distributed peer review, cultivate and select a group of top talents through the competition, overcome key technical problems, create an industrial application ecology, cultivate the soil of open source innovation, promote openness, sharing, dedication and collaboration, and contribute to open source Gain momentum for business development.

Basic information of the competition

  Competition time: 2022.12-2023.12 (the track will start in two batches, and there will be two final seasons each year.)

  Registration time: 2022.12-within two months after the start of the track;

  Group-oriented: Open to the whole society, all enterprises, institutions, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, and industrial ecological enterprises, as well as outstanding foreign open source teams, are all welcome to sign up for the competition.

  Competition system: According to the actual situation of the track, it will be announced when the track is officially launched.

Contest Highlights

  1. Gathering open source resources: Playing the role of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation’s open source public welfare platform, bringing together open source projects, developers, and social resources. Participants have the opportunity to communicate and compete with outstanding developers around the world.

  2. Create star projects: Excellent track projects have the opportunity to enter the project incubation system of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, receive high-quality services and financial support from the Foundation, and become key open source projects supported by the Foundation.

  3. Linking open source companies: The Open Atom Open Source Foundation joins hands with partners in various related fields of the competition to help companies enhance their brand influence and cultivate the backbone of the global open source software and hardware value system.

  4. High bonuses: The Open Atom Global Open Source Competition sets up rich awards and high bonus pools to motivate participating teams/individuals.

  5. Connecting international competitions: Open Atom Global Open Source Competition builds an international stage, and the winning teams/individuals have the opportunity to participate in top international competitions.

  6. Create team/individual IP: Outstanding teams/individuals have the opportunity to participate in the Open Atom Open Source Mentor Program, become mentors of open source communities and projects, and help developers grow.

  7. Delivering outstanding talents: The Open Atom Global Open Source Competition gathers top scientific and technological talents, cultivates an open source talent system, and provides excellent open source talents for open source communities and enterprises.

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